One Very Important Service Dog In-VEST-ment

Service dogs can help their owners in so many ways. However, it’s easy for outsiders to misunderstand that your animal isn’t just a pet, but rather a service dog that helps you physically or mentally. For this reason, when you choose to buy a service dog vest, you are helping other people recognize and accept the purpose of your dog. A vest can comfort your dog and inform others that he or she is a service animal and is able to go wherever you go. This in-vest-ment easily helps you, your dog, and the public.


The best service dog vest is noticeable. Unlike a shirt or sweater that you may purchase for your dog at the pet store, service dog vests are sturdy, strong and visible. Your pet can notice the difference in material and begin to correlate the vest with its duties as a service animal. Other people will notice the vest and realize quickly that your dog is a service animal, which can reduce a lot of hassle and obstacles when bringing the dog into places like restaurants or theaters.

Variety of Colors

Service dog vests are available online in a variety of colors and patterns with or without a “service animal” patch. They can be purchased for any sized dog and have the option of a harness or handle. You can purchase a vest in red, green or a camouflage pattern. These colors stand out and are meant to catch attention but not look festive or limiting. This vest should be worn by your dog whenever it is in public, as a service dog.

Lifetime Warranty

Being a service dog is a lifetime commitment for your furry best friend. Service animal vests come standard with a lifetime warranty so you don’t have to worry about quality or longevity. This warranty provides owners with a peace of mind, knowing that they won’t have to purchase another vest in a few months or year. This vest is designed to last, with a warranty to back that up.

These are just a few examples of why you should buy a service dog vest. This vest can assist your dog and the people it will interact with in public. When a dog can be easily recognized as a service dog, it makes life for you and the dog a lot easier. It also allows strangers to react appropriately.

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