List of Some Interesting and Lesser Known Facts About Memphis

Memphis is a popular city with the largest population in Tennessee. It is located on the Mississippi River that lies in the southwestern region of the state. It is the prime industrial and commercial center of western Tennessee. Its economic influence stretches to many of its neighboring states. Memphis is also a major medical and educational center.


This city is situated on the Chickasaw Bluffs that is located on the eastern coast of the Mississippi River. makes the best arrangements to provides a memorable ride to the beautiful Memphis city. Their marvelous musical venues are go-to destinations that help tourists soak up in creativity, and find a lot of opportunities to appreciate creatives.


The surrounding areas of the city produce cotton and lumber in great amounts. Throughout the history, Memphis city has been known to provide a significant hardwood and cotton market.


Memphis provides a milder southern climate with an average of two hundred and thirty eight sunny days yearly. The temperature of this place averages about 80° F during summer season and 43° F during winter season.


Memphis has the maximum population in entire Tennessee. This metropolitan area comprises of Tipton and Shelby counties in TN, De Soto County, Crittenden County in AK, and MS. As per the statistics, the population of Memphis was around 1,316,100 in the year 2010, and 981,747 in the year 1990.


The southern boundary of this popular city forms a portion of the Tennessee Mississippi state line. Some of the suburbs of this city are Bartlett, Arlington, Lakeland, Collierville, Whitehaven, Southhaven, Germantown, Millington, West Memphis, Tenn. And Ark.


Memphis is a principal industrial and commercial city. One of the reasons for it is its location that has made it a prominent distributing and wholesale centers in the entire South region. The key trading area of this city comprises of 6 states. Memphis also has the largest markets for hardwood lumber and spot cotton. It is known for key distributing centers for grains, livestock, and other kind of agricultural products.

Industrial development

Industrial development has been considered as a significant segment of the economy of this city since the culmination of World War II. Memphis manufactures a wide range of goods that includes chemicals, foodstuffs, paper products, wood and electrical goods. This city is also considered to be the largest meatpacking and livestock center in the South.


Memphis city is ranked as busy inland ports that lie on the Mississippi River. It ships more than eleven million tons of cargos on an annual basis. Memphis is a key transportation center that offers multiple access by rail, highway, and air. The “Memphis International Airport” is also very popular airport that records the largest number of cargo operations in the world.

Medicine and educational amenities

Memphis is known mostly for its vast educational and medical facilities. The “Memphis Medical Center” is one of the biggest hospitals in the nation. The “University of Tennessee Center for Health Sciences” is one of the largest hospitals in the Memphis city.

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