What Is the Best Way to Successfully Clear Your Driving Theory Test?

To become a safe driver, it is important that you get clear understanding of the road rules. The theory test is completely related to road rules. This article will tell the eligibility and structure of a driving theory test that will help you in its preparation. 

Who is required to sit for a driving theory test?

People who are learning or upgrading their existing license to drive any other type of vehicle will require passing a theory test. Also, they need a provisional license to undergo this test.

If you are upgrading your license from an automatic to a manual one, then you will not need to sit for this test again. You will only need to retake the practical test.At booktheorytesttoday.com, you can easily book, reschedule and retake exams in a hassle-free manner.   

Structure of a driving theory test

This test is segregated into two main parts –hazard perception and multiple-choice questions.

Multiple choice test

Both of these tests are to be taken on a system at the test venue. This test will consist of 50 questions that have to be finished within 57 minutes. A candidate should at least get forty-three or more right answers to pass.

Hazard perception test

Once you finish multiple-choice section, you will be provided with a small break before beginning with the hazard perception test. This entire section will involve fourteen video clips that feature “daily road cases”, with a minimum one developing hazard. One of the clips out of those fourteen will feature 2 developing hazards in place of only 1. So, you will be required to watch out for that one clip.

As soon as you see the hazard in the clip, you will have to click the mouse wherever you will find development of a hazard. Each hazard has a maximum score of 5. You can earn more points if you spot hazards quickly. To pass this test, you would need to secure atleast 45 out of 75 marks.

Advantages of booking a driving theory test online

Genuine and speedy service

The best part of booking a driving test online is their trusted and quick service. This service helps the candidate to secure the nearest theory test appointment with the most convenient time and date. Your driving examiner will provide you quick test appointments so that you can select to take your exam at your convenient location.

Extensive collection of resources

You will get an idea of what type of questions will be asked in the test. Taking a quiz will give you an examination feel and help in dealing with the pressure.

Enhances awareness and aids in better preparation

This will help learner to drive correctly and total awareness. This ensures safe and secure driving at each and every point of driving the vehicle.


Clearing a driving test can be easy when you have the right guidance with you. Hope the above information will be useful in effective preparation for the exam.

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