The Many Uses of Cord Locks

Do you have a cool backpack or comfy windbreaker with a broken cord lock that you just don’t want to throw away? No need to toss it out. You can remove the broken cord lock and replace it with a new one. Cord locks can be used for other purposes besides repairing broken ones. You can use them for different projects. Here are just a few uses for cord locks.

Storage and Laundry Bags

If you’re storing away toys or clothes for another season, a storage bag with a cord lock will keep them secured. You can even use cord locks to avoid having your clothes fall out of your laundry bag when you’re carrying it to the laundry room. 

Window Blinds

Is the cord on your window blinds hard to manage? A cord lock can help with the ease of adjusting your window blinds. Do you have a broken cord lock on your blinds? You don’t have to replace your entire blind, just replace the cord lock. It saves you more money. Make sure you use a plastic cord lock for its durability.

Draw-String Backpacks

Cord locks are designed to fit over the ends of backpacks, enabling you to pull them tight for the closure of your gear. Cord locks prevent the items in your backpack from falling out when you’re out and about. If you’re taking a hike, make sure your backpack is secured with a quality cord lock. This will prevent critters from accessing your snacks and goodies in your pack.


Are you tired of your lanyard chain breaking because of its lack of flexibility? Having a cord lock on your lanyard lets you adjust the length with ease. Use it with a sturdy cord to prevent your lanyard from breaking.

Other Uses

As simple as they may seem, there are many uses for cord locks. You can secure your knapsack, adjust window blinds, and even use cord locks for jewelry making. They come in bulk, and many different sizes, colors, and materials. No matter what project you’re working on, make sure you use quality cord locks. Whether you use a metal or plastic cord lock to repair your broken one, make sure it’s durable. You don’t want to have to keep replacing it. Metal cord locks probably work best. Check online for bulk orders or if you’re looking for a certain type, color, and size.

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