Provide a Proper Boarding to Your Pet Dog while you’re Away from Home

Every one of us love to have a pet. It isn’t necessary that the pet has to be a dog or a cat, but any animal is adorable and each one has their own preference. Dogs are the most preferred pet by many of them. They are not only good and loyal friends and family, but also a guard and protector of your house and family. The safest animal that can keep your home, kids and senior citizens guarded.

With time, pets become a part of your family and it makes you uneasy to think that they will suffer in any form. Thus, you try to give your best to them as they can’t express in human language their needs. However, when there are occasions where travelling is a compulsion and your pet isn’t allowed, then at that point you need proper shelter to leave your pet safe and comfortable. There are various dog boarding or shelters prepared for pets whose owners have to leave for a long journey and are unable to carry their pets.

Phoenix is the capital of state Arizona which has tourism as top priority. Due to hot weather and desert land people avoid bringing their pets for vacation. Some who travel by road are able to get their dogs and leave them in dog boarding in Phoenix in hotels, but those who travel by air have to leave their pets behind. For those who have to leave their pets behind not only have to manage a proper shelter, but also the amenities required.

Here are few tips that will help you in choosing a dog boarding conveniently –

  • Take a tour
  • Check facilities provided
  • Inspect the staff
  • Get to know daily routine and amenities

Take a tour

It isn’t easy to get a good boarding for dogs. We all know that pets can’t express what they’ve been through hence you should be sure about the kennel before putting it in. Properly check every corner of the center to see where your pet is staying, eating and playing. Cleanliness matters a lot. Hence, a surprise tour of the center will help you know everything.

Check facilities provided

It isn’t difficult to find about the facilities provided by the boarding. The best way to know is by visiting the shelter personally. This way by seeing other dogs you can imagine the kind treatment your pet would get. Also, staff will provide you an explanation about all the facilities provided by the center. This should also match with what you see during your visit.

Inspect the staff

Staff plays an important role in the shelter. You know your pet better, their way of living, eating and playing habits. Therefore, you don’t want them to stay at a place where the staff is negligent and harsh with them. Also, you need to ensure that during emergency even at late night hours, there’s someone out there to help your dog.

Get to know daily routine and amenities

Although most things are explained by the staff about the daily activities, you still would like to see it in person just to be sure. Ask as many questions as you want and expect them to answer in detail. As mentioned above, animals can’t express their feelings therefore, you don’t want them to fall in wrong hands.

Some dogs find it difficult to adjust with other pets, since you know your pet well thus, make sure to inform the staff accordingly. Your travel should be carefree and stress free thus, move your pet to the boarding where you feel it’s safe.

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